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Surya Vajra Reiki 1-3 Master Level Course & Attunements 130 €

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Level 1

This system has an unique and powerful energy for healing and many other purposes. Is not only for physical purposes, this system is also useful for mental and spiritual purposes. Even has a powerful energy, but very simply and easily to works with this system. Don’t need any symbols and specific hands position.

In this system, we will works with 2 kinds of energy, that is : Tummo/Inner Heat, and Reiki/Life Force. This 2 kinds energy will combined and works together in your session. The Surya Vajra Reiki is also helps to arouse the Kundalini / Fire Serpent.

This Surya Vajra Reiki has 3 levels – This Session is for level 1.

1st LEVEL : In the first level, the attunement will open your 3 main channels (Sushumna, Ida, Pingala), open the energy channels to your palms, activate the 7 major chakras. and activate the Lower Dan Tien, then with this the Inner Heat will be active. At this level, you’re using the healing energy only for hands on session.

Surya Vajra Reiki – Level 2

2nd LEVEL : In the second level, the attunement will activating your Middle Dan Tien, so the Tummo/Inner Heat energy will increase. The attunement also open your main channels and the energy channels to palms to be more bigger, so the life force energy will flowing more faster and the healing session will be more effective and efficient.

Surya Vajra Reiki Level 3 – This listing is for Master Level:

3rd Level / Master Level : In the third level, the attunement will open the 72.000 energy channels in the body, activate the 365 chakras, the upper Dan Tien will be active, so the inner heat energy more strongest than before. This is the Master Level, after you have receive the attunement of this level, and doing the meditation in this level for about 21 days, you can passing the attunements for others.

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