VIP Super Money



year 2019

Money is energy, it will rapidly flow into your body, life.

VIP Super Money is aimed to charge your energy, your body, your life with the energies of the sun, money, luxury, success.

VIP Super Money will give you the status and attractiveness for cooperation. You vibrate in the code of money, they will be opened and attracted to you in any manifestation. Money is not only banknotes, it is also bills, numbers, symbols, money rituals. You have the DNA of money, the code.

They will recognize you and recognize you as their own, as their own energy. With VIP Super Money attunement you can do whatever comes to your mind. For example, charge food, water, clothes, jewelry, walls of the house, the whole house, your Pets. You can weave the DNA code of money into anything and anytime.

You can have sessions with yourself and others. You can share this attunement with others. But, never without payment. You are required to take not less than 21 euro. if you received or transferred VIP Super Money without payment – it will not work, or it will be something else, but not VIP Super Money.

You receive pdf manual, Digital Download and Chi Ball Attunement,Certificate, an emailed will be sent to you when your attunement are ready.


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