Dorje Sempa -Vajrasatva Purification Attunement



The Vajrasattva Purification system has a mantra to state repeatedly to ensure that negative karmas do not increase.

The mantra is used to purify our bodies.

The system has a visualization technique that is used to free all sentient beings from their sufferings and makes invocations to all the light beings.

Light Rays of Light Beings goes to become Vajrasattva in our hearts.

It radiates light in the infinitive directions of the cosmos invoking all light beings in the aspect of Vajrasattva who absorb into him.

You may request Vajrasattva to destroy all negativity of all sentient beings including yourself.

Light radiates at his heart and purifies the negativity of all sentient beings.

Then again from his heart light rays go out invoking the knowledge and qualities of all light beings, bringing these back to descend into the eternity.

Due to this, Vajrasattva energy becomes extremely powerful.

You receive pdf manual, with Digital Download,Certificate and Chi Ball Attunement.

An emailed will be sent to you when your attunement are ready.


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