VIP Reiki



The energy of Reiki in this attunement is combined with the energy of a Very Important Person (VIP). Every soul is special and has its own rights and opportunities.

In VIP Reiki energy you will open and feel your importance for the whole Universe.

VIP Reiki will be useful and helping for diffident people, for people who doubt self importance.

VIP Reiki harmonizes self-perception and will help to appreciate the self-worth of their actions for people who tend to overestimate their importance. every soul is important, unique and priceless for the Universe. Each soul performs its tasks as best as it can and tries as best it can.

VIP Reiki will help everyone to feel the love and respect of the universe for the work you do. Also, at the request of Ekaterina we add to this flow of energy Shine, glamour, photogenicity, luxury, money and visual appeal. We give the stream the glow of stars. Your light will not be external. You will Shine with your soul and increase your vibrations.

VIP Reiki have 1 level, no preconditions. Everyone can get attunement VIP Reiki. You can activate the energy anytime, anywhere, for any purpose. Attunement VIP Reiki you can hold any of the rituals.

For example – money, slimness, beauty, attracting customers, for photo sessions and so on. Masters of Traditional Reiki (from the 2nd level, Usui Reiki Shiki Rioho, Teate Reiki) can apply and activate the symbols of Traditional Reiki.

I do not give an exact guide to working with symbols, since working with them is absolutely identical.

Each master knows how they work and has its own best practices for working with symbols. Master can combine the work of both systems – activate at the same.

You receive pdf manual, Digital Download,Certificate and Chi Ball Attunement an emailed will be sent to you when your attunement are ready.


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