VIP Golden Tibetan Singing Bowl



year 2019

This energy is intended for purification, filling and connection. VIP Golden Tibetan Singing Bowl will help you quickly clear all your aspects of the low vibrations of the negative, both coming from the outside and coming from the inside. It can even be a physical disease.

The cells during vibration of the singing bowls open and release from the low negative frequency. Cells are very quickly tuned to new clean energy and come into harmony. This effect over time and practice gives external changes and increase domestic well-being.

Healing processes are faster and easier with VIP Golden Tibetan Singing Bowl and it can exceed expectations. If you have a lot of accumulated negativity, then the duration of the VIP Golden Tibetan Singing Bowl practice should be longer, more intense to notice the results.

With a strong negative, symptoms of a healing crisis may occur, but this is not necessary. If you are set up and used to that your work with the settings are often accompanied by a healing crisis, then your habit can work with this setting and you will then perhaps you will get it.

But remember the VIP energy of a completely different type than what you are used to. They are already in the new energy with other rules of their work.

Purification energy VIP Golden Tibetan Singing Bowl is fast and usually painless. Harmonization with new types of energy passes instantly, all new energies increase your vibrations. Because of this, you get more realizations, do more discoveries of understandings and transformations. It goes easier, more natural.

VIP Golden Tibetan Singing Bowl will help you in the disclosure of monetary potential, to work as a magnet for money. In working with the energy of the bowl you can put the intention that for you at the moment the most important.

To work with the VIP Golden Tibetan Singing Bowl attunement you do not need to have a Tibetan singing bowl. You can activate energy anywhere at any time for any purpose. For example, 1) Purification, harmonization of space 2) Purification of harmonization of situations (during the conflict or after it, protection against mental and energy attacks, and so on). 3) Attracting positive vibrations at any level 4) Attraction of money energy 5) Engaging positive people and situations 6) Involvement and strengthening of any unions 7) Healing organism and situations. During the activation of the setting, a divine glow fills and surrounds you. You are protected with a soft and emit divine vibrations. 8) Rejuvenation, cleansing of toxins, cells are adjusting to the new vibrations, new energies on the Earth 9) Fulfillment of desires.

You receive pdf manual, Digital Download,Certificate and Chi Ball Attunement an emailed will be sent to you when your attunement are ready.



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