Super Power Burst Protection & Clearing Reiki



Super Power Burst Protection & Clearing Reiki connects you to pure positive source energy for clearing, removing, and banishing any energy, entity, and spirit that is attached to you, your home, or business. It removes and clears out any negativity and negative residue from your energy fields and any locations where you live or work.

Once removed these negative energies, entities, and spirits cannot come back or reattach to cause trouble in your life or to harm you in any way. They are banished and cannot return. Your and your home, as well as your place of business and work are surrounded with a protective barrier that will not allow any negative energy to attach or have any ill effects on you or your locations. The energies work instantly as the Super Power Burst Protection & Clearing is activated. This is a super powerful energy system that is magickally infused with protection and clearing energies.



  • distance attunement
  • manuals
  • certificate + you can pass this wonderful energy onto others!!


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