Residual Negative Energies Shield Empowerment – Create an Etheric Shield



The Residual Negative Energies Shield Empowerment has been channeled to give you the ability to invoke an Etheric Shield of Light that will surround you to deflect residual negative energies. In simple terms, all negative energies will simply be deflected from your so they have no chance to connect with you or enter your Aura. Every interaction that we have with people around us whether it be in a physical sense of distantly like talking to someone on the telephone or email will leave behind an imprint, an energetic memory. Sometimes these energies are filled with Joy and Love which help to uplift you but on occasions they can be very dark leading to a feeling of Negativity or even alllow lower astral beings entry into your Auric Field. This system will help you to deflect these energies before they have a chance to cause any negative emotions or attachments from forming in your life. If used regularly the energies can help you protect your spiritual body from any residule negativiey that may try to attach to you.

You receive pdf manual, with  Digital Download and Chi Ball Attunement + Certificate.

An emailed will be sent to you when your attunement are ready.


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