Quantum Energy Shield



The Quantum Energy Shield absorbs beneficial earth ,cosmic ,subtle and Tachyon energy and imparts these energies to the practitioner thus enhancing the Biofield

The Quantum Energy Shield also provides you with a 750ft bubble of protection from the other less beneficial or harmful energy fields including vortex spin energy and electromagnetic radiation emitted by all electrical appliances power lines cellphones and anything with electricity flowing through it Vortex spin energy is energy that has been forced into a spinning motion Just like eddies in water rapids or a tornado in the air ,vortex spin energy can be quite disruptive to your bodies biofield ,affecting internal body functions and signaling between the brain and the body even affecting intra cellular communication

Benefits Protects the biofield from potentially harmful energies inclusing Emf s and Vortex Spin Energy Enhances your bodies Biofield & Electromagnetic Field Effectively diffuses all energy that passes through your body ‘s Electromagnetic Field Balances energy flow through the meridians of the body Cancels out the negative energy from the people around you etc..

You receive pdf manual, with  Digital Download and Chi Ball Attunement an emailed will be sent to you when your attunement are ready.


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