La Viliat (Lavender Violet Light Atomic)




Laviliat Attunement or Lavender Violet Light Atomic is a great and excellent modality with the great energy, where the energy is reaching to the atomic structure and its parts, until the smallest.

The attunement of Laviliat raises the human vibration to an even higher spiritual connection. An excellent stimulation to a new high.

An attunement of self re-membering and heightened self-awareness, it enables recall of what you do in all dimensions of consciousness and re-membering the vast spectrum of your spiritual self.

Laviliat brings about profound emotional and multidimensional healing. Laviliat clears negative energy, aids joyful spiritual service and higher states of consciousness, giving guidance and protection.

This energy shields from unwanted energies, providing a protective sheath around the aura, and dispels attached entities and mental influences from the aura.

It imparts the ability to be self contained even within a the crown. It strengthens the energy field around the body.

It is an excellent energy for meditation and soul retrieval and aids going back into past lives to regain soul energy that did not make transition away from a past life death.

It facilitates the journey back to the site of the soul loss and can be used as the receptacle for the soul until it is reintegrated into the body. In this respect, it can heal past life death trauma and point the way to soul healing.

You receive pdf manual, with Digital Download and Chi Ball Attunement an emailed will be sent to you when your attunement are ready.


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