Haematite Protection Reiki – Energetic Protection & Strong Spiritual Grounding



Haematite Protection Reiki has been channeled with the sole purpose of providing the initiate with an Etheric Connection to the energies of Heamatite for Protection against Negative Energies and Spiritual Grounding. the energies of this Attunement focus on the Protective and Grounding Properties of Haematite and once activated you will powerfully feel its energies flowing through your Chakra System and Auric Field bringing intense Spiritual Protection and Earth based Grounding.

As with all the systems channeled by Amanda Hadley, it is very easy to use, has no complicated symbols and is simply activated by your Intention.

You receive pdf manual, with  Digital Download and Chi Ball Attunement + Certificate.

An emailed will be sent to you when your attunement are ready.


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