Ethereal Flowers 1-2 by Ole Gabrielsen



With this course you will learn to create powerful flower remedies in a few seconds Through 2 activations you get access to the energies of specific flowers and you will be able to channel these energies through intention This is the same flowers used in Bach Flowers, used by many people around the world.

Now it ‘s possible to use the properties’ etheric of these flowers By activating the first level you will be connected to the energy of the following flowers Agrimony anxiety and torment for those who hides behind gaiety and courtesy.

At Level 2 will be activated energy of these flowers: Plantain for those without self ‘and continually seeks advice Plum for those who are afraid of losing my mind Gem White Horse Chestnut for those who always repeats the same mistakes and do not want to grow up Erica for those who hate the loneliness and chats using other Holly for those who have no confidence in the next test envy and hatred And many others…

You receive pdf manual, Digital Download and Chi Ball Attunement an emailed will be sent to you when your attunement are ready.



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