Maha Golden Tummo



Prerequisite : Holy Fire gTummo L4, gTummo Candali Maoshan Level Vajra Master , Surya Vajra- Level Vajra Master


Very dynamic activations and not found in others dimensions on this planet. Tumo means sacred fire (consists of isoteric, exoteric and mystic originated from Llamas in Tibet.

Ever since and up to the late twentieth century, Tumo is highly classified lesson and strictly kept from beyond bounds of Llamas in Tibet.

Tumo and Kundalini are separated energy even though they remain in concerning manner. Releases fear and negativity, improves mood, balance and unblocks emotions. Beneficial for internal organs, cleans the blood, restore tissues.

Photon energy is store in your pineal gland, your spiritual and material information and dna codes.

72.000 CHANNELS ACTIVATE, psychic channels in your etheric body UNION OF MATTER AND SPIRIT SHAKTI PHOTON DOME ACTIVATE FOR HEALING AND PROTECTION MAHA GOLDEN KUNDALINI –MAHA GOLDEN TUMMO –MAHA GOLDEN TANTRA FIRE, activates your main subtle vital energy channels with new maha golden energy Light and matter are one, gold and photon are one resulting in ultra-gold light

You activate the non-duality consciousness You will reflect the energy and matter you shine by yourself infinitely and more.

You receive pdf manual, with  Digital Download and Chi Ball Attunement + Certificate.

An emailed will be sent to you when your attunement are ready.


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